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Latest generation fully automated single pallet machine

The more than 25 systems installed since its launch in 2015 are a clear sign that the high-performance Zenith 1500 fully automated single pallet machine has become successfully established on the market throughout the world. The system has been continually advanced since that point in time to facilitate still more efficient and user-friendly production. The latest generation of the fully automated Zenith 1500-2 single pallet machine was presented for the first time at bauma 2019.

The first Zenith 1500-2 was installed at Al Narjiss in Iraq at the beginning of 2019. This new customer was immediately persuaded of its many advantages and had already placed an order with Zenith for the machine in 2018. The second system was supplied to Leier in Hungary. This multinational group of companies already had a number of machines made by Zenith in operation and has already ordered a second Zenith 1500-2.
The latest generation fully automated single pallet machine possesses a great deal of advanced features to facilitate still more efficient production.

The most far-reaching changes in the mechanical area concern the filler units for core and facing concretes. The profile rails have been replaced by welded guide rails for the filler box. Costs and assembly time have been lowered substantially as they have now been fitted with exchangeable wearing parts. The filler box guide rails have been redesigned so that dust deposits and the wear that accompanies it are lessened.

Superimposed Load
The superimposed load is now compatible with moulds from other manufacturers. This means that existing moulds can be reutilised.

Demoulding Cross Beam
A new cross beam was developed for the Zenith 1500-2 that enables the columns to move singly sidewards. This results in appreciably more rapid and less physically intensive maintenance work. In designing the new cross beam, particular attention was paid to maintaining the same geometry. It makes it possible to retrofit this assembly unit with previous models.

The newly developed Zenith cylinders are also extra added value. These reliable, maintenance-free cylinders power both the mould and superimposed load. Their extremely low susceptibility to failure and short delivery time make an important contribution to attaining excellent system availability.

Touch Panel
The Zenith 1500-2 possesses a mobile touch panel that ensures maximum operating convenience. The machine operator can carry the handy panel on his person and operate the machine from different places. The device employs Siemens technology in its well-known quality and dependability.

Moisture Measuring System
The silos for core and facing concrete can be optionally fitted out with moisture sensors. Measurements are carried out shortly before beginning the block production. This means that the machine always has the most current values for the concrete’s composition and can adapt the production process fully automatically to changes in the concrete. Consistent product quality can be guaranteed in this way.
One other advantage is that one-piece filler boxes without an outer frame can now also be utilised. The new design and improved materials have enhanced the filler boxes’ load capacity and considerably reduced maintenance frequency.
The additional unit for facing concrete with the Zenith 1500-2 possesses a robust locking device and is driven on both sides. Instead of a hydraulic drive, an electrical one is now utilised for the mould insertion device and board feed.

Keep what is well-proven
Some of the system’s well-proven elements have been kept alongside the many advances in development. These include the bolted Zenith machine frame for a very long service life. The guide bearings for the superimposed load and mould are still equipped with maintenance-free gunmetal bushes. The Zenith 1500-2 continues to be fitted out with very powerful, cutting-edge hydraulic gear.

The new generation of Siemens motors has been successfully operating in the upper parts of the UltraDynamic vibration table since 2018. Zenith remains committed to the Siemens S7 TIA Portal as a control unit. This is one of the most technologically advanced control systems and has been installed in all Zenith systems since 2014.
The Zenith 1500-2 offers abundant advantages thanks to its multiple optimisations. According to Zenith, maintenance costs – and with them operating costs – have been substantially reduced.

The savings on time with overhauls and rapid supply of replacements parts make for improved machine availability. The innovative Siemens operator panel represents another advance in user-friendliness as well.

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