Fully automatic mobile Multilayer Machine ZENITH 940

The multi talent 940 offers the widest scope of production possibilities of all concrete block and paver machines available on the world market. The ZENITH 940 can be used as an universal machine as well as special machine for nonstandard products and for completing single pallet plants to allow production of niche products. With the application of a ZENITH 940 you will always make the right choice.

Concrete cable ducts, manholes, prefabricated elements and even high products up to 1,000 mm used for land-scaping design can be manufactured with this machine matching highest quality aspects and allowing very economical production.

Segmental units such as pavers with face mix or hollow blocks as well as insulating blocks can be made in multilayer production. The single product layers are protected and separated by a layer of dry sand or, alternatively, a plastic foil. The multilayer production offers a great advantage. The ready product cube only needs to be cured and packaged. Many intermediate transports are saved.

The well known ZENITH quality and safety features stand for low maintenance and uninterrupted productions process. Optimized quality control and simple control systems guarantee easy performance at top level.

Mobile Multilayer
Fully-automatic Machine
Intelligent Interaction System

Production area

Max. production width

1.240 mm

Max. production depth - vibrating table production

1.000 mm

Max. production depth - floor production

1.240 mm


Back concrete hopper volume (loader feeding)

1.200 l

Back concrete hopper volume (conveyor feeding)

2.000 l

Face mix concrete hopper volume (loader feeding)

800 l

Face mix concrete hopper volume (conveyor feeding)

2.000 l

Loader feeding height max.

2.800 mm

Multilayer production

Product height min. (production on pallets)

40 mm

Product height max.

250 mm

Max. cube height (incl. pallet) + one product layer height

640 mm

Low table production on pallets

Product height max.

600 mm

Low table production (demoulding on floor)

Product height max.

650 mm

Floor production

Product height max.

1.000 mm

Product height min.

250 mm

Weight of machine / Dimensions of machine

With face mix unit and mould

15.500 kg

Total length without face mix unit

4.400 mm

Total length with face mix unit

6.380 mm

Total height max.

3.700 mm

Total width incl. control board

2.540 mm

Vibration system

Table vibrator / centrifugal force max.

80 kN

Tamper head vibrator / centrifugal force max..

40 kN

Mould vibrator max. 6 units / centrifugal force max.

90 kN


System: multi circuit high pressure

Operation pressure

250 bar

940 Standard

940 Speed & Comfort

Capacity: 2 x 17 l/min.

Capacity: 2 x 20 l/min.


Power consumption with max. nos. of vibrators

48 kW

940 Standard

940 Speed & Comfort

Control system: Siemens S7-1500
(CPU 315), position detection of main
movements by limit switches

Control system: Siemens S7-1500
(CPU 317), digital path measuring
system for all main movement axes

Technical details are subject to changes – without prior notice. Pictures of equipment shown are examples only. Photos may include optionals as per customer´s demand.


The self-explanatory, menu-driven Touch Panel makes the machine operation very easy. The production parameters for different mould types and production programmes are entered and saved by using the well-arranged menu masks. A quick Siemens SPS is used for internal signal processing.

The large dimensioned columns and guiding bearings, supported by the synchronization of movements via chain and lever shaft, guarantee a safe and precise guiding of mould and tamper head. Digital path measuring via linear encoder is optionally available.

Main movements of the machine (moving of vibrating table, mould and tamper head lift and moving of feed drawer) are driven by hydraulic cylinders, developed by ZENITH, and are activated via proportional valves. The products can be put down during demoulding with controlled descending speed.

The main tamper head can be equipped with a hydraulically operated quick change device for fast mould change. For curbstones produced crosswise to the filling direction, the machine can optionally be equipped with a rotating tamper head device for easy cleaning of tamper head swords by using the feed drawer brushes.

To increase the machine’s capacity, it can be outfitted with the optional ”Speed & Comfort“ package. This package includes controls and hydraulics with higher performance, digital path measuring system for all main movement axes, tamper head quick change device and a back concrete feed drawer with hydraulically operated grate.

When working without face mix unit, the machine can be equipped with a polystyrene core insertion device for production of insulation blocks or with a rotating brush for sweeping of block surfaces.


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